Medical Membership


Medical Membership

SIRIUS, precious and respected like the brightest star in the world.

SIRIUS Membership is a membership service based on a medical tourism for VVIP.

It has partnered up with Top 20 Plastic Surgery and Skin Department in Gangnam, Seoul and Korea’s top general medical institution and examination center to provide personalized beauty consulting, styling and life consulting. This is a private membership service for VVIP, which provides high-tech precision health checkups and anti-aging services along with Korean culture, experience and tourism.

SIRIUS membership provides health, anti-aging and beauty to the VVIPs and experiences Korean culture and maintains your noble well-being.
We will make you enjoy the world's highest level of Korean medical tourism.

Feel the new world with membership of Sirius Club.

VVIP members seeking a healthier and more beautiful life

SIRIUS MEMBERSHIP has designed anti-aging, health-enhancing, and beauty solutions for many celebrities, politicians and business leaders, and high-class customers around the world
Only by participating in SIRIUS MEMBERSHIP you can receive the best medical technology and private 1:1 service that is safe and secure

  • ● SIRIUS MEMBERSHIP Medical Beauty Group is one of the top experts in various fields in Korea and is trusted by many customers in Korea and abroad by being honest and ethical in compliance.

    ● Employees of the SIRIUS MEMBERSHIP Medical Beauty Group treat our customers like family members and are always working to be the best in each field.

    ● SIRIUS MEMBERSHIP Medical Beauty Group provides customers with the best medical/beauty services and provides customers with the best ways to create proven medical/beauty technologies.

    ● SIRIUS MEMBERSHIP Medical Beauty Group considers harmony and balance by considering the individual characteristics of each customer.

    ● SIRIUS MEMBERSHIP Medical Beauty Group strives to satisfy customers with personalized services such as customer visits, counseling, diagnosis, surgery and follow-up services through a standardized system.

    ● SIRIUS MEMBERSHIP Medical Beauty Group is dedicated to representing the World Beauty Group and is loved and trusted by all.

  • Korean top medical staff offers total beauty solutions including health care programs, stem cell programs to prevent disease treatment and aging, and cosmetic surgery.

    • HEALTH

      SIRIUS Membership considers "health" a key ideology. We provide VVIP members with the best health examination service through a personalized screening program, from basic health checkups to detailed tests such as blood density tests, DNA tests, heavy metal tests, ultrasound tests, and stress tests.


      SIRIUS membership offers stem cell programs for power-aging to maintain health and youth. It has an anti-aging research center and has various clinical trials from blood stem cells to ear dermal stem cells.

      This stem cell program provides the best customized stem cell therapy service recognized by the world to deliver healthier and more energetic daily happiness, such as life extension and prevention of aging.

    • BEAUTY

      SIRIUS membership provides customized medical services tailored to the needs of patients through the world’s most highly available network for a beautiful, better life.

      Looking for the fundamental causes and problems of beauty, the top medical staff in the field will use the surgical knowhow to find more beautiful and radiant appearance with a total beauty system, including eyes, nose, facial contour, breast and body shape.

    Sirius membership service seeks for 1:1 customized premium service.