Hospital Overseas Business and Expansion


Hospital Overseas Business and Expansion

In line with the government's policy to promote patient attraction for foreigners, C&D Blue Company has been operating overseas operations of a number of major Korean medical institutions from 2009 to now. Differentiated experts from each task at the hospital, we set overseas business strategies of the representative medical institution in Korea, medical consultation, overseas sales management system, overseas marketing/promotional work, and conducting overseas advancement of Korean hospitals through various overseas networks. In addition, we promote excellent medical technology and excellent medical business of Korea's medical institutions such as overseas business trips and overseas medical counseling sessions and operation of overseas counseling centers.

Selected/professional interpreter of Seoul Medical Tourism Cooperation Agency for Medical Tourism in Seoul

C&D Blue Company was selected as the Seoul City Medical Tourism Alliance for the Seoul Metropolitan Government. The Seoul City Medical Tourism Alliance is a project jointly promoted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Tourism Foundation to create an infrastructure for medical tourism and promote joint marketing abroad. The medical institution evaluation committee was thoroughly reviewed in accordance with the requirements of the best medical institution and we are selected as one of the final 38 service organizations.

C&D Blue Company's medical translation service and overseas business translation support your successful business.

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