Derma Rescue


Establishment of Derma Rescue

Derma Rescue was created to give everyone a quality consultation for healthy and beautiful skin care that has been studied and verified for a long time in dermatology.

  • How can I keep healthy skin?
    How can we slow down aging?
    How can I relieve skin problems?
    How can we stop the pigmentation?
    How can I defend my sensitive skin?
    How can cosmetics be absorbed well?
    How can we prevent hair loss?

  • Our skin is becoming less elastic and aging as collagen fibers decrease.
    The skin becomes dry, contracts, wrinkles, and sagging.

    There are many factors that determine the skin.
    Internal factors include genetics, constitution, disease, active oxygen, age increase, stress, diet, estrogen reduction, etc External factors include exposure to ultraviolet light, dry air, environmental pollution, climate change, insufficient sleep, drinking, smoking, lack of exercise, overwork. There are impressionable facial expressions, bad living habits, and harmful cosmetics. These factors are causing our skin to age and causing acne and pigmentation problems.

    Derma Rescue is a product that can solve everyone's problems.

    I'll take the lead in creating a younger, healthier, and more beautiful skin.

    My precious skin~
    Start taking care of your healthy and beautiful skin with Derma Rescue.

  • Introduction of Derma Rescue

  • Derma Rescue
    Presents to customers reasonably and scientifically smart ways proven by dermatologists' fundamental skin care solution. We also provide optimal skin care solution to the customers to manage their skin in good health.

    You can get number of recommendations and personal advice at the Derma Rescue from Doctors, hospital managers, customers from dermatology, and beauty creators. >

    Derma Rescue wants to meet the needs of customers who want to be younger, healthier, and more beautiful. Research the best skin solution that can change your skin health without irritating it, not recommending general cosmetics.

    Derma Rescue always studies 365 days and thinks from the customer's point of view.

  • Promise of Derma Rescue

    Derma Rescue aims to become a No.1 global health & beauty care company.

  • • We suggest hospital-specific products that have been tested for dermatology.
    • We recommend hypo-allergenic, healthy and safe cosmetics.
    • We recommend cosmetics that prove the effectiveness with validity and patentability..
    • Offer only proven and professional cosmetics at a reasonable price.
    • We try our best with scientific research 24 hours for healthy and beautiful skin.
    • We always listen to our customers' evaluations and prioritize customer satisfaction.