CND BLUE COMPANY is No.1 Health & Beauty Professional Enterprise in Korea.

C&D BLUE COMPANY is one of the best health & beauty experts in Korea.

C&DBLUE COMPANY is a company created by CEO Song Chun-geun, an expert in the establishment and operation of hospitals, with global talents in various fields such as medical management, overseas sales, marketing promotion, medical consultation, medical equipment, distribution of cosmetics, and export.

C&DBLUE COMPANY leads the creation of a new, non-competitive global market space

A diversified and unique approach to global business is one of the biggest advantages of C&DBLUE COMPANY.
By doing so, it is our dream and goal to find new possibilities and opportunities that are free from the competition of the existing market and become a market leader.

Today, CNDBLUE Company leads the Korean medical beauty industry and is trusted by customers by following ethics.
We are promoting Korea's advanced medical technology and K-beauty to the world.

  • Management philosophy

    CNDBLUE COMPANY, sticks to the standard and principle will continue to grow to be a great help to our customers.

  • Core value

    Company that supports all executives and employees to become top experts in their field with a sense of ownership, and puts customer and trust first priority.

  • Company that can do my job

    C&D Blue Company is a company that rejects set frameworks, embraces leading and creative thinking, and maximizes efficiency and performance through active growth of each individual's work

  • Young company with an average age of 33

    with both youth and experience to resist old-fashioned ideas, adapt to dynamic market changes, and boldly challenge new opportunities and value creation.

  • C&D BLUE COMPANY is a group of experts.

    Based on our experience and know-how,
    we discover new possibilities and opportunities,
    and use our expertise and creativity
    to create successful results.

  • C&D BLUE COMPANY has a global mind.

    Through high-quality multinational human resources,
    we understand foreign cultures and ways of doing business and develop overseas business.
    We think a successful global business is patriotism.

  • C&D BLUE COMPANY is more than just a colleague and partner.

    A company that values relationships and values people first. A company that values teamwork, harmony, communication and keeps its promise.
    This is the direction of C&D.